Roadmap / About us

We have no plan and no style! And that’s just right! Because there’s just too much music out there! And since we also like a lot of different music, we thought: We just play them all!

We have only one idea, but no concept. That’s why we just start with a white sheet of paper and see how we develop together with you. Whether old or new, pop or rock, electronics or hip-hop. Maybe you like it too? Besides, we still can not know today what music we like tomorrow. That’s why we want to do a radio that’s a little different every day.

The whole thing is completely non-commercial. We have no commercial ulterior motives with THISISAWESOME, but that does not mean that we do not have two or three commercials running from time to time. These come from our technical partner, who provide us with the technical environment and (VERY IMPORTANT) ensure that all artist’s contributions to the GVL and GEMA are guaranteed.

We try to make THISISAWEOMERADIO a little different every day. That’s why we work every day on improvement and other stuff.

We have already prepared a little for you. But there are so many more to do together with you!

So if you have any wishes, questions or suggestions, you can always write them in our UserReport.